The Earth is Whispering

Are you listening?

Join my herd of earth stewards, healers and visionaries.


Time is of the essence

"It is time to listen deeply to the earthly wisdom at our feet and smell the fragrance of change upon the breeze. We choose the outcome of our experience. I choose peace, harmony and good health. Please join me in my explorations into earth whispering with like minded friends."

Nature as Healer™

* Online self study into the depths of earth's wisdom. Join me in learning from the plants, animals, rocks, weather and the great mystery of life

* Private retreat at DeerHaven

SkyHorse EGE™

* Schedule private Coaching

* Equine Guided Coaching

* Equine Guided Somatics™

To Good Health

* Monthly 1 day immersions including garden walks, herbal explorations and healthy cooking community style in balance with Mother Earth

“I enjoy sharing my love of animals, land and nature with anyone who crosses my path. My mission is to re-connect people to the natural world for the sake of saving the Great Mother Earth and all of her creations."


I invite you to join my A-GAIA-CULTURE MOVEMENT!

-Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi

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Nature as Teacher

Online Mentor Series

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Personal Transformation

Equine Guided Coaching

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Ariana's books, herbal teas,

jams, art work and more.

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"We came to the ranch by chance and we left the ranch with a purpose… It has been for both of us a unique and impactful experience that we will never forget. It has clearly triggered in each of us the desire to go further into our own personal development. Your professionalism, intuition, openness and guidance have helped us to move our emotions very deeply and in a very safe environment. "

A private couple who chose to remain anonymous

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