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Allowing nature and her gifts to inspire us, can elevate us out of the complexity of our lives and give us a deeper sense of purpose and way of being we’d like to embody.

Be a part of an elite group of earth stewards, healers and visionaries.

"I have been called upon to find a way to share what I hear, what I see and what I envision for a whole gaia somatic awareness. The animals, plants, trees, rocks, earthly spirits, even the weather visit me with inspiration. They ask me to share with you, so that you can take a moment to reflect and then to choose how you would like to move into the world during this specific period of time. The inspiration may come in the form of a feeling that comes to you as you feel into the spirit guide of the week. A feeling that you would like to be or embody. Sometimes, the inspiration will be just for you. A way to be with yourself. Sometimes it may be a message for a way to be with others. And sometimes it may be a message that is asking you to share this with the larger landscape of the eart Sometimes the inspiration will ask for a call for action with yourself, with others or with Gaia." Ariana


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