Equine Guided Education

Ariana's Skyhorse EGE™ is the Gold Standard in Equine Guided Coaching since 1989

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“What Ariana revealed to me  through Equine Guided Education, continues to shape how I extend myself into this world daily. I highly recommend Ariana as a coach, mentor and teacher to anyone seeking illuminating truths through working with horses for professional/personal development." Lucinda Newman, Pathfinders

“I learned so much from Ariana and I continue to apply my learning. I highly recommend Ariana’s Equine Guided Education program. The program was a life-changing experience for me. I live my life on purpose and with greater awareness because of her program. Also, you could not ask for a better place for a learning experience. The Ranch is a beautiful, spiritual, and peaceful setting.”

Carolyn Trocino, SkyHorse EGE™ Practitioner

Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, the pioneer and founder of Equine Guided Education and her SKYHORSE EGE™ team have been providing leadership, coaching, and self-development programs since 1989. Our skilled staff and amazing natural landscapes are here to help you create new actions and pathways to care for yourself, your family and the earth. 

Equine Guided Somatics™

Be the Change you want to see in the world! It’s time to step into your life with passion and commitment. Our SkyHorse Somatic wizards will get you re-connected to your deeper intuition and purpose in life. It's time to bring forward your authentic presence and move forward on the new path awaiting you.

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SkyHorse EGE™

Certification Program

This program incorporates coaching, horse power, animal communication, Somatics, Nature as Healer, and the art of coaching as primary keys to creating supportive, unique learning environments for ourselves, our clients, and people who want to move forward in life. Includes our Online Principles & Practices Course and 15 days of in person instruction and experience.

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Equine Guided Coach Sessions

Expect life changing, permanent results. when you work with Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi and/or one of her SkyHorse EGE™ professionals. Schedule private sessions for you, for your family, for your business and even a group you want to bring together.  Ariana has been coaching and developing leaders and teams since 1989. If you are interested in a corporate event email her below.


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