Simply The Best Online Course in Equine Guided Coaching

I created this program for two reasons. One is to provide people from around the world to learn the unique Principles & Practices of SkyHorse Equine Guided Coaching. The other reason is to prepare people who plan to attend our live programs with the foundational components that make this work so profound.

As a pioneer in this field, a Master Somatic Coach and successful business owner, I'd like to support you in being successful too. I am so deeply inspired by coaching people and watching them awaken into their own potential I offer this online class as a stepping stone on the path of becoming a great facilitator.

I've graduated hundreds of professionals from my Equine Guided Training Programs in addition to developing thousands of leaders and coaches.  The principles and practices I bring forward in this online program are universal, and they train you in being a better observer and listener, as well as understanding the process of change. After all, anyone who is going to seek out an equine guided professional is going through some change and is looking for support.


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